My name is Teagan, and I specialise in helping people transform their lives.

As more and more people realise that there is more to life, readings of all kinds are more in demand.

Are you, like so many of the people I have helped, seeking a more fulfilling, creative and spiritually rich life? Do you need to express who you truly are?

I have good news: there are tools that we can all use to find direction and enrich our lives.

Did you know?

  • Runes are not just Norse!
  • Runes are not just for men!
  • Runes should be spoken!

Runes are much more than a Norse alphabet. They are an ancient code, used by star gazing nations such as Egypt and Sumeria. Rune remnants can be found all over the world. Today, runes are associated with the masculine, warlike tribes of the Vikings, but women were the seers in these cultures. What’s more, runes were not merely meant to be written. Chanting the runes creates a vibration that can activate our DNA and bring us closer to enlightenment.

What would you like to do?

Seeking positive change? Book your practical and compassionate Rune Reading with Teagan, either in person at her home in Glastonbury, or by phone or email.