Teagan DrummingMy story is like yours.

I am on a journey to find my true purpose, and step into the true me.

In the beginning…

I married young and had four gorgeous children. I ran a horse stable and a large retail company. I had it all – the house, the wonderful family and the beautiful home.

And yet I couldn’t shake the nagging fear that I was missing something.

‘Is this all there is to life?’ I wondered. Eventually, in 2007, I became consumed by it, and I simply walked away from all that I had.

Now, I am on a journey to find my real purpose.

My journey began when I traded my marriage, my thriving businesses, my home and my ‘stuff’ for a ramshackle cottage in the woods.

The meditative practice of collecting wood and lighting a fire everyday restored me.

Here, I realised that we are all connected – that service to others is service to oneself. Back into the world I had to go.