TeaganRune readings: what can you expect from your time with me?

Each reading is an individual experience. It is totally unique to you and designed to uplift and empower you.

What is a Rune Reading?

I offer Rune Readings in person or via email or Skype.

For face-to-face Rune Readings, I will ask you firstly to turn all the Runes over, thus enabling your energy to merge with the Runes. Then 9 Runes will be selected by you.

I throw those chosen Runes on the cloth in front of us and after turning them carefully over I read them as they have fallen. This initial reading will help clarify where you are spiritually on your path and the things that are happening around you at present. Past influences will be examined and future events will be explained.

How do Rune Readings work?

Using my clairvoyant skills and the symbols of the Runes as keys, I unlock messages from Spirit. You can use these messages to transform, grow and be true to your purpose and heart.

What if I don’t like the answers?

Emphasis is always placed on that fact that you have the FREE WILL to change any path you are heading down, at any given moment. You can choose not to take a course of action and stay as you are. Rune Readings illuminate the directions available to you – a helpful tool to enable you to walk your own journey powerfully, making your own decisions.

Is there anything else I should know about Rune Readings?

Longer sessions are available. These give you time to question the Runes on any aspect of your life or those close to you.

All readings are given with love and understanding and complete confidentiality.

Seeking positive change?

Book your practical and compassionate Rune Reading with Teagan, either by phone or email. Contact Teagan today.