I arrived in Glastonbury in October 2011, just as Venus was in transit.

On Glastonbury Tor that evening I took a Bodhisattva vow to myself that I would try to find the knowledge of enlightenment and escape from Samara (the continual cycle of earthly rebirth with amnesia of who we really are) and step into the true me.

The ensuing years saw me rid myself of all material attachment and live in my campervan with my trusty dog Yogi and cat Crystal.

A stint of vision-questing in Exmoor led me to the Runes: the original codes of the Star Nations, the Sumerians and the Lemurians.

Further study and endless hours of research led me to the knowledge that

“We are living in the days that nations have been waiting for,

We are the liberators that we have longed for.”

Since 2012, the end of the old system, the cage door has been opened.

The Matrix of futile lifetime after lifetime is at an end. We can achieve enlightenment and choose to go home in this lifetime. We have 23 chromosomes but we should have 24. The last two have been generically fused, cutting us off from long life. We use just 2% of our DNA; the rest is JUNK. Really!

Let’s reactivate it.

We have infinite power. We are part of the Divine. Our bodies have been limited to stop us achieving our true potential, but our hearts are free and we know that these lives are not what we are meant to be doing.

So my vision is to help others activate their DNA through sound and symbols.

The Runes are such symbols, and their frequency when spoken or chanted expands our minds and DNA. They are not just a code for the Gods – they are our heritage too. We are AVATARS…. We are the DIVINE.

The Runes and their ancient knowledge are here to help set us free to become OURSELVES.