What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing energy that is channelled via secret symbols and formulas.

Teagan is a Reiki Master and can trace her initiation back through her two teachers Sharon Russell and Raven Keyes to Dr Mikao Usui, who revolutionised the practice of energy healing in 1925. Reiki comes from an ancient Buddhist healing practice using symbols and energy to regenerate areas of the body that need attention.

Teagan is an experienced Reiki Healer of over 5 years who has adapted her unique practice of Reiki to working with the 7 chakra energy centres.

Teagan Craig ReikiReiki and the Chakras

Have you ever felt fearful and ungrounded? This could be due to a blocked root chakra.

Or maybe you lack energy and drive? A weakness in the solar plexus could be the reason for this.

Or you do you have a hard time expressing yourself? This may be related to problems in the throat chakra.

By working with a dowsing pendulum, Teagan can find which Cche heat generated through her hands to heal the chakras that are blocked.

The client will be lying comfortably and fully-clothed on a couch during the session, and will feel a heat sensation at certain points on the body. A feeling of wellbeing will come over the client as her body readjusts and heals.

45 minutes to an hour will usually be required for a complete all-body session, but sometimes healing can be brought forward while a client is having a Rune Reading if agreed and if Teagan’s guide has indicated that this is possible.


Chakras, Symbols and Reiki

Teagan can combine Rune Readings with chakra healing if her client and her guides agree.